Robin Bennett founded Robins Haven of Hope in 2006. Based in

Houston, Texas, Robins Haven of Hope is a Non-profit Organization centered
around four pillars; Awareness, Education, Prevention, and Giving Back. The
primary goal of Robins Haven of Hope is to make the community aware of
resources for those infected or affected by diseases such as HIV, STD,
Hepatitis B&C, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity. The organizations
second goal is to reduce the alarming rate of teen suicide and depression. All
of this is accomplished through the use of educational speakers, public
speaking events, poetry, song, and handouts. Our newest endeavor "The
Right Now Generation" has bloomed and is aimed at getting young ladies and
men to act Right Now in order to help reach out and give back to the community.
In doing this we are able to continuously evolve in preventing and educating the youth and community.